Where eCommerce teams share insights and make decisions.

Dive is the collaborative workspace for your eCommerce data. Easily extracts and centralize data from all your sources so your team can focus on what matters: Analyzing and taking action!

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Trusted by fast growing ecommerce brands

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Dive is the most flexible data analysis platform to fit your eCommerce brand

Build custom tables, dashboards, and metrics from scratch or enrich and customize
templates to build models unique to your brand.

Data preparation

One platform for your eCommerce data needs

  • All your data, always ready: Connect your data sources and start building data analyses from scratch, or get started with one of our 50+ templates
  • We take care of the data preparation so your team can focus on analyzing and move your brand forward
  • BI & analytics built for modern eCommerce teams: complex pivot tables, custom reporting, beautiful interactive dashboards…
dive extract and prepare your data

Build advanced data models, dynamic reports, and forecast, without SQL

  • Explore your eCommerce data without the SQL hurdle
  • Build custom metrics and dashboard 10x faster in no-code
  • Empower everyone to make data-driven decisions: Run custom data analyses, share gorgeous visuals and be the superhero of your team

Making the bond between data and collaboration

  • Work with your team around data: Share reports, assign tasks and run forecasts.... Dive is the collaborative workspace for your eCommerce data.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: Set goals, add team members to your workspaces, and automate reporting sending so everyone is aligned on company goals!
dive abstract the api complexity
asphalte using dive ecommerce
Dive is quickly building the dreamed BI software for a high-growth brand like Asphalte. We have access to data with an accuracy I’ve not seen with any other software. 
Benjamin Mateo,  CRO @Asphalte

Built for merchants,
loved by every team

dive for marketing ecommerce teams


  • All your acquisition channels in one place
  • ROAS, CAC, LTV... Build custom metrics and dashboards and easily calculate your acquisition performance to adjust your ads spending on every channel
  • Identify growth opportunities with Cohorts
  • Set sales goals and align your team around common objectives!
dive for merchandising ecommerce teams

Data & Product Analysts

  • All your product data in one place
  • Track the performance of each SKU, Collection, and Category by seasonality, country, etc…
  • Ditch Excel and build pivot tables with live and clean data sets to access the right information
dive for operation ecommerce teams


  • Manage payments, shipping and returns data from Shopify in a single environment
  • Get a precise view of the revenue/taxes/margins structure and other health metrics generated by the business
  • Streamline your day-to-day workflow: Easily build models and scenarios and monitor the activity of your store(s) in an environment built for eCommerce

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Loved by fast-growing Shopify merchants

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“Dive helped our team streamline the process of centralizing, preparing, and accessing the data of our multiple Shopify stores to drive our growth in Europe.
And their impressive white-glove support made the transition from our previous stack super smooth and allowed the team to become proficient on Dive in just a couple of days!"
Candice Lahouter,  Acquisition and Data Manager @Nutrimuscle
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"Dive is addressing a major challenge in eCommerce: Accessing, reading, and crossing data from multiple sources to make the right decisions. We’ve been using Dive for almost a year now at Asphalte, and since then, better understanding our cohorts and driving our LTV/CAC has become E-A-S-Y!."
Benjamin Mateo,  CRO @Asphalte
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"Simply the best Shopify analytics software for a fast-growing brand like Sync. We're using it on a daily basis to monitor our store performance, dig into our product and customer data, and communicate key KPIs and goals to the team. Not to mention their awesome support, always available to help and answer questions"
Thomas Kerleguer,  CRO @Sync